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Knowing what to eat and how to eat isn’t always easy. Let me guide you to find what works best, while seeing great results. My programs are unique and completely individualized. You deserve someone educated and experienced to help you and hear you. You’re in the right place. Call for a free 15 minute consultation to see if I’m the right fit for you!


BA-Spanish-Utah State University-2015.

MScN-Master of Science in Nutrition-National University of Natural Medicine-2016. Naturopathic medical school specializing in holistic education. The Master’s in Nutrition included core sciences, psychology, health coaching training, culinary training, addiction education, and more. I completed my education here with a 4.0 GPA.


Athletic Achievements

CCC 100k (UTMB)-60th/2,200, Chamonix-2019

2nd-Timp Trail Marathon, Utah-2019

1st-Wasatch 100 miler, Utah-2018

1st-Trails de la Vesubie, France-2018

2nd Zion 50k, Utah-2018

2nd Wasatch 100 miler, Utah-2017

2nd Tushar 100k, Utah-2017



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After graduating with my Master's degree from the National University of Natural Medicine, I began my career as a Nutritionist. I moved back from Portland, Oregon where I went to school to Salt Lake City, Utah. I started at Natural Grocers as their Nutritional Health Coach. There I assisted customers in deciding which supplements would best suite their needs. I also offered nutritional counseling. I then moved on to a clinical based setting at Full Circle Care. Working alongside naturopathic physicians opened another world of experience for me. While at the clinic, I helped patients who had tested positive for food allergies or nutrient deficiencies, along with other diseases and symptoms. These two jobs increased my knowledge in nutrition, supplementation, and patient care more than I could have imagined. However, I still wasn't satisfied. I knew what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. I started Forward Progressions to help people change their lifestyle, not just their diet. I believe in living a happy, sustainable way of life. 

I now provide one-on-one nutrition consultations out of my office near downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Apart from consultations, I also conduct workshops, speak at varying events, and coach people wanting to become more proficient in running.

Some of the events I have been asked to speak at include:

The Plant-Based Symposium-November 2018

SLC Chiropractic-January 2019

Outwild Retreat-September 2019



Call for a free 15 minute consultation! 801-613-7672