High Performance Nutrition

High performance means high risk 

Getting the most out of your body and mind is a high risk endeavor. You can incrementally improve, not improve at all, or improve very fast to then crash and burn. As someone who has been running ultra marathons for over 10 years, I can say I've experienced all of the above. Through both trial and error and years of education, I've made important modifications to get the best out of myself and I want to help you do the same. Using diet tracking and analysis, I can help evaluate your needs and deliver a plan to achieve your goals without burn out and continued growth.

Athletic Achievements


1st-Squaw Peak 50M

FKT-Millwood 100M


2nd place-Bryce Canyon 60k

8th place-Run Rabbit Run 100M


3rd place-Tushar 70k


3rd place-Dead Horse 50M

2nd place-Timp Trail Marathon

60th/2,200-CCC 100k (France)


1st place-Wasatch 100M

2nd place-Zion 50k

1st place-Trail de la Vesubie 70k (France)


Vegan Trio


Master's in Nutritional Science

NASM certified personal trainer

14 ultra-marathon podium finishes

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