Growing up, I loved moving around outside. Whether it was team sports or hiking and camping with my family or friends, I wanted to to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Later in life, thanks to my older brother, I discovered a way to blend my passion for athletics and the outdoors through trail running. I hated running on the roads, but the trails were a totally different experience. Before I knew it I was signing up for my first trail marathon. Once I realized I wasn't half bad at racing, I wanted to learn more about optimizing my training and diet. Starting out just reading books and scientific literature, I decided to pursue nutrition more seriously.  I thought I was all set after receiving my Master's in nutrition and learning a ton about running training. Then I got injured, a lot. I soon realized the importance of strength and mobility to prevent injury and to make me more durable. Receiving my personal training certificate completed the trifecta I needed to optimize my performance and health. Now, I am faster, healthier, and happier than ever before. I love sharing what I have learned with other people, but more importantly, seeing my clients regain their health, increase their self esteem, and improve in their athletic pursuits brings me a tremendous amount of satisfaction and gratitude. 



Above all else, my mission is to help others gradually transition to a healthier lifestyle. I don't believe in diet trends or a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn't support the client in the long term. Rather, I like to see sustainable improvements so that when the client has finished up working with me, they feel confident in their decisions and ability to navigate the health world on their own. 


"Although Jesse is a wonderfully capable nutrition and fitness coach, he is so much more and his varied talents truly set him apart in his field.  Jesse’s gifts in working behind the curtain of the mind and identifying the true motivations that lead to success not only helped me define what that success meant to me as an individual but also how to get there and sustain it long term. With Jesse’s experience, skill set, professionalism, creativity, compassion and intuitive support I accomplished big picture goals that I’d held for a long time."

-Britt C.