Guest Blog: Tips for Getting Healthy by Dylan Foster


Tips for Getting Healthy in Every Possible Way


People too often focus on success in one aspect of their life but not another. They’re physically fit but lack intellectual pursuits. They read a lot but hardly ever get outdoors. They’re financially successful but miserable inside. That’s clearly the wrong approach for anyone with their sights set on overall well-being, which has physical, mental, and emotional components that deserve full attention. If you’re looking for a way to get there, here are some practices you need to integrate into your schedule or forever feel there’s something missing.


Move It


It’s not difficult to find time for exercise on the weekend, but those other five days of the week are a challenge, especially if you have kids or you’re pulling overtime at work. You can squeeze it in, though, if you’re clever about it. If you’re looking for ways, Healthy Simple Life has 10 suggestionsfor you. They include ditching that hour in front of the TV in the evening in favor of a bike ride or brisk walk in addition to planning active date nights instead of dinner and a movie.


Eat Right


This goes without saying, though many people get it wrong. Stick with fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats and use quick and healthy recipesto turn them into balanced meals three times a day. A high-tech kitchen with digital scales and measuring cups would keep your serving sizes from growing too large so you can cut caloriesefficiently.


Create a Bedtime Routine


This will ensure that you hit the hay on time, sleep soundly, and wake up with plenty of energy rather than wasting the day in a state of lethargy. The National Sleep Foundation recommends beginning your night with meditation, yoga, or deep breathing, all of which help you relax. Taking a hot shower and sipping a hot cup of chamomile tea serve a similar purpose, while leaving your smartphone or tablet outside will keep you free from distractionsand blue light.


Head Outdoors


Spending your weekend sipping coffee at your favorite cafe before hitting the shops is tempting, but it does a number on your finances while robbing you of a chance to benefit from the healing properties of nature. That’s not an exaggeration. One doctor explains to mindbodygreen how people who live close to green spaceshave fewer health complaints and live longer, which is more than enough reason to go to the park or take a hike. If you can’t get out as often as you’d like, you’ll get similar benefits from filling your home with plants.


Delve Into Literature


Your brain needs to work out as much as your body, and the written word is one of the best waysto do that, if not the best. It expands your vocabulary to make you a better speaker, which, in turn, helps you influence friends and colleagues while expanding your social circle. Memory also improves with each page that you turn, as does your ability to focus and concentrate, making you sharper and more productive in your career.


Help Others


As tough as your life may be at times, there are people who have it harder, and helping them is good for everyone involved, especially you. One of the greatest benefits of volunteeringis discovering your innate power to change the world simply by reaching out to the disabled and elderly in your own community. Those who do so often notice a renewed sense of meaning and purpose in their lives, which is invaluable. The message is clear: get involved.


By bringing these practices into your life, you’ll come closer to discovering the true meaning of well-being. You can start right now with a walk in the park or a good book.


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