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What do I look for in myself as a nutritionist? To me a nutritionist is a teacher, mentor, and guide for optimal health. A nutritionist is one half of a team, the client being the other. A team in which both members work towards health goals together, keeping each other motivated.  A nutritionist has knowledge about food science and it is able to relay that knowledge to his/her clients in a simplified, easy to understand way. A nutritionist stays informed about leading scientific data and findings, as to avoid any misinformation or previous knowledge that could harm his/her client. Lastly, and possibly the most important, a nutritionist practices what he/she preaches. 

If this is what you look for in a nutritionist, then I am your guy. I provide one-on-one consultations, meal plans, cardio training, and trail running coaching for anyone and everyone who is excited about becoming a healthier person. What do I mean by healthy? Proper nutrition and exercise don't only improve physical health, but mental, emotional, and I believe even spiritual health as well. Through research and personal experience I have modified my diet significantly through the years. I have noticed these health changes more and more. What are the primary modifications that I have made in my diet over the years? Simply put, I have slowly cut animal products out of my diet. I went from pescatarian (eating only fish as a meat source), to vegetarian, and now working on vegan. My athletic performance, energy, and sleep have all improved along the way. I am passionate about what I do because I know health is an invaluable asset in life. I know that if we aren't healthy, true happiness is impossible to obtain. Welcome to Forward Progressions and cheers to health! 


BA-Spanish-Utah State University-2015

MScN-Master of Science in Nutrition-National University of Natural Medicine-2016

Athletic Achievements

1st-Wasatch 100 miler, Utah-2018

1st-Trails de la Vesubie, France-2018

2nd Zion 50k, Utah-2018

2nd Wasatch 100 miler, Utah-2017

2nd Tushar 100k, Utah-2017



Nutrition Workshops beginning in May

 Make your goals a reality by signing up for a group workshop. Working as a team is always easier than on your own. I will be directing challenge based workshops that will give you the guidance and accountability that will enable you to reach your full potential.


Call for a free 15 minute consultation! 801-613-7672